South Carolina Congressman Jack Fontaine is in the frame – accused, presumed guilty. Maxie Kincaid, a lobbyist and Jack’s lover, is found murdered in her Georgetown home hours after he left her, and suspicion runs high that he killed her.

Defense attorney Mercy Johnson agrees to represent him, in spite of his reputation as arrogant and self-absorbed, because his aunt and her Mama are friends from their South Carolina childhood. Fontaine proves to be a troublesome client, but Mercy soon finds evidence that he may be innocent. Even his wife, leading her life independently in Charleston’s country club and bridge clubs, speaks up for him. She says he’s an SOB but not a murderer.

Fontaine’s determination to protect his Sea Island district from over-development could provide a motive to sideline him. Can Mercy put up with Fontaine long enough to get to the truth?  And what will the defense of this ingrate cost her?