About Two Wrongs

Like politics, murder makes strange bedfellows. Federal prosecutor Laura Moss never thought she would need her long-time opponent, Mercy Johnson, one of Washington’s best criminal defense attorneys. When Laura bludgeons her philandering husband to death, she sees Mercy not as an adversary but as a lifeline.

Laura tells police she killed her husband because he was raping her daughter, Anna. Anna tells police her mother killed her stepfather in a jealous rage because she knew he and Anna were lovers.

Laura’s freedom depends on Mercy proving Anna a liar. The one thing Laura will not allow Mercy to do is reveal the secrets of Anna’s mental disorder and the chronic lying that is symptomatic of her illness. Mercy quickly learns that she will have a harder fight on her hands against her own client than against the government’s prosecution machine. Their battle of wills convinces Mercy that Laura is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, her freedom, to protect her child.

A descendant of the Gullahs from the islands off the South Carolina coast, Mercy brings the wisdom of the ancients to navigate the roiled waters and keep herself and her client from sinking.

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