About Discovering Grace

A few people wanted Vance Austin dead. But only his wife Eleanor was with his corpse when the police arrived. She was the one who called the police and told them she thought she’d stabbed him.

To Peter McFadden, a Washington, D.C. Homicide detective, it looks like a straight-up domestic killing. Until the FBI strong-arms its way into the case, the forensics reports reveal the blood of an unidentified person on the scene, and the dead man’s neighbor tells McFadden she saw two men go into the home right around the time of the killing and leave before the police arrived.

D.C. defense attorney Mercy Johnson agrees to defend Eleanor against a charge of first-degree murder. As she tries to reconcile the evidence against Eleanor with the contradictory scientific trail, she finds an ally in McFadden. Together they work to expose a network of enemies with motive and means to eliminate Vance Austin.

In the course of unraveling these threads, Mercy learns that Eleanor has a secret. One that plunges Mercy into despair and could derail her close-knit family. Will the grace that leads Mercy out of her own despair be enough to save her client?

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