About China White

Washington, D.C. criminal defense attorney Mercy Johnson has a nose for mischief.  When asked to represent a young college student in a heroin smuggling case, she senses that mischief will complicate matters. Her instincts are spot on. 

Heroin of a street value of twenty million dollars is the main exhibit in the trial of United States v. John Morrow in federal court in Washington, D.C.  During a recess, thieves walk out of the courtroom with the heroin, taking Mercy and Morrow as hostages.  Will Banks, a seasoned narcotics detective, must recover the heroin and bring the thieves to account.

Mercy and her investigator, Sam Lester, build a defense for Morrow, while Banks grapples with the fear that he may have arrested the wrong man. Mercy’s nephew, one of Banks’s hand-picked Narcotics Task Force, is drawn into the investigation of the heist, and a botched sting to recover the heroin nearly costs him his life.  The sting nets a drug dealer who turns informant and leads Banks to a prominent business owner and his police detective henchman.  Can Mercy and Morrow convince Banks and the federal prosecutor that Morrow is not a part of the heroin conspiracy?

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