Kim Wright Books

Kim Wright’s wonderful novels seem to me to have the common threads of redemption and grace.  In The Unexpected Waltz, the protagonist begins life anew when she loses herself in dance, and when she gives herself to the care of an ill friend.  In The Canterbury Sisters, the main character finds healing in walking to Canterbury, a journey that brings comfort to her and to women even more damaged and hurt than she is.  In her latest novel, Last Ride to Graceland, the heroine is a survivor, for whom looking into the past is the only way she can stake claim to a future.  These books are so well-written that the reader can find a gift-basket of original phrases to savor and chew over.  But the heart of each book is the story.  Wright creates memorable characters that move us to cheer them on the path to wholeness, even when we have to close our eyes and take deep breaths because of how scary the ride is.

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